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Services I Offer

Find the service that is just right for you, your business & your employees. 

a unique program for your unique brand.

content with your brand in mind.

Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing 

Print Marketing

Remote Learning

professional copy in your brand voice.

Here Assistant takes care of all your copywriting needs. You are covered from blog articles, webpage content, social media posts, client communications, press releases, eBooks and more. Give me a topic and I will give you the world... well copy that is.

Social Media Management
consistent messaging & presence on social platforms

Content Creation

 Generating on-brand, on-trend & engaging content for your social channels

campaign calendar

Planning digital campaigns for maximum engagement

Data driven

Providing social media analytics & making data-driven decisions

customer communication

Replying professionally & timely to all customer inquiries on social platforms

Colorful Notebooks

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