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The Face Behind It All.

My name is Andrea and  I am the face behind Here Assistant. The corporate world has always intrigued me. I remember as a little girl, I would sneak into my grandmother's basement office, put on her stylish dollar store glasses and 'work.' For hours, I would write notes, file documents, have meetings, create presentations and inspire my fake employees. Here I am 25 years later, filing documents, writing notes, attending meetings, creating presentations and inspiring employees-- this time, without the stylish glasses. Oh, and the employees are real.

Over the past decade, I have been dominating the corporate space, working for the top home fitness brand in the country. My experience and responsibilities have included everything from being a top sales representative, managing a team of over 100 sales agents, training and coaching an in-person and remote call center, building CRM strategy, writing email and SMS copy, directing our financing strategy and more. I have learned invaluable skills and am thrilled to share those skills with your business. I am here to help you succeed. Let's do this! 

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Marketing + Messaging

  •  Developed new email strategies to ensure prompt and accurate communication with customers to optimize experience and minimize unsubscribes

  • Analyzed campaign performance and suggested improvements to grow subscriber list

  • Implemented and maintained SMS marketing messaging for pre-purchase customers, as well as maintain relationship with 
    post-purchase customers while driving revenue

  • Wrote copy for marketing campaigns, keeping professional, consistent company voice

  • Planned and wrote blog posts for maximum customer engagement and conversion, along with optimizing SEO

Sales + Management

  • Directly managed sales team of up to 150 agents, mainly using the communication methods of online chat, email and SMS

  • Launched online chat option onto multiple websites

  • Supported sales staff and growth with continual hiring, training, coaching, quality, and incentive programs

  • Created and maintained team motivation program, including custom website, prizes and point redemption system

  • Built custom sales training on crucial sales topics and tactics including setting the tone, understanding the customer, grammar and spelling, professional writing, customer service and obtaining the sale

  • Organized department events and team building over a decade

... And then some

Remote Learning
Colorful Notebooks

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